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Monday, July 12, 2010


Worship has been so much on my mind and heart for a while. There is such a richness to worship. It is so meaningful on so many levels. Worship is so much more than the songs we sing on Sunday mornings. I think about Job, how after he lost everything, he worshipped the Lord (Job 1:20-21). And Abraham, after waiting years for his son of promise, obeyed the Lord when He told him to offer him as a burnt offering. He said he and Isaac were going to worship (Genesis 22:5). These men did not know the end of their story when they worshipped God at probably the hardest time of their lives. Job didn't wait until God restored everything that he lost. Abraham didn't wait until God provided a ram to take the place of Isaac for the burnt offering. Their hearts were set on the worship of Almighty God.

The definition for worship is "To adore; to pay divine honors to; to reverence with supreme respect." I came across a quote from Warren Wiersbe, "When you find yourself in some trial, and you hurt, immediately lift your heart to Christ in true love and worship. Why? Because this will take the poison out of the experience and replace it with healing medicine." Another definition for worship is, "To honor with extravagant love and extreme submission."

I love the time of worship at church. It is a beautiful thing when we all lift up our voices in song to the Lord. It's like practice for Heaven. But I feel my heart longing for more. I want to worship my Lord Jesus with all that I am, to honor Him with extravagant love and extreme submission. I think this kind of worship has nothing to do with my circumstances, or maybe it has everything to do with them.

So, when I'm having a great day, when I'm feeling good and the kids are good, I will worship my King. And when I'm having a hard day, when I'm so tired it's exhausting just to go to the bathroom, I will worship my King. When I'm feeling so weary and like I just can't do it anymore, I will worship my King. He is so very good all the time. I know I can trust Him and submit to His will for my life.

Today I will look for ways to honor Him with extravagant love. I will worship Christ when I make lunch for my kids, when I get dressed so I can be looking good for my husband after his long day at work, when I'm looking out the window at God's beautiful creation, and when I'm resting on my bed. 

I know how my story will end. I will be on my feet, raising my hands in worship, singing with all of Heaven, "Holy Holy Holy!" Until then, may my actions shout "Hallelujah!" my words sing with love, and the posture of my heart be continually bowed down in worship.


  1. Ylisa - I began to comment on your WORSHIP blog yesterday, but to be honest, this is my first blogging experience and I failed miserably yesterday. Nevertheless, here I am again to say that I have really enjoyed your blog and I very much love the one on WORSHIP -- I AGREE! I just wanted to pass along the name of a book that was SO INSPIRATIONAL to me on this subject. THE PRAYER THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING - THE HIDDEN POWER OF PRAISING GOD by Stormie Omartian is an EXCELLENT book -- one of my favorites!! I definitely recommend it!!

    Write on! :) The Lord bless you!!
    from Amy Augustine
    (Valleri's cousin-in-law, Avonelle's granddaughter-in-law and a friend and disciple of Susans with CTO)

  2. Amen, my friend! This is a daily devotional reading. I will chew on and work on this today. I was also thinking how being thankful in the middle of a difficult moment is a sacrifice of praise and form of worship. I appreciate the book recom. by Amy and am planning to check that out. Missed you last week! Love you tons! Lori

  3. Thank you Amy and Lori! I appreciate the encouragement very much.

  4. I posted here, too, but I guess it wasn't approved, whatever that means...