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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Mr. Spurgeon just told me (through today's devotion) that God's mercy is a royal chariot for my weary feet. That is so very lovely to me. I know that it is true. In life, my feet can become so weary as I "walk" through each day. Life is just hard, and some days the road is especially rough.

Last week I went to have my Baclofen pump refilled for the first time. It took 7 pokes to find the right spot. On the way home, my husband, Marc, and I were talking about it. It is tempting to think that there is some kind of "Suffering Deductible", and once I've met that for the year, then everything else should be easy. That's funny, but not even close to the truth. The truth is that whatever my God has for me today, His mercy and His grace are enough. When I am faced with any situation, easy or difficult, it is my opportunity to trust my Lord and praise His Name. As I continue doing that I am blessed with a deeper love for my Savior because every time He shows me His faithfulness, He shows me His limitless love.

My wheelchair is the instrument that God is using to show me mercy beyond measure, to bring me to my knees to kiss His feet, to give me joy like I have never known and to pour His love into my heart. So here I sit in my wheelchair, my royal chariot, resting my weary feet with a heart full of gratitude and sustained by His wondrous mercy.


  1. Amen my dear sister.
    Love you,

  2. I am always amazed at how your words minister to me in the midst of my very different type of trial. Thank you for sharing your heart and your faith with us. I am encouraged once again. Love you! Lori

  3. I love your comments so much. I have fibromyalgia, nueropothy, and extensive osteoarthritis which is causeing tremendous pain in my SI joint that is the very lower back. Nothing like you are going through but I understand your postings and the mercy God has for us. I had forgotten that even though I go to chruch regularly and read the Bible and pray daily for others I can't pray for myself. Your praying for yourself gave me strength to pray for myself. My illnesses ended my 30 year marriage and I am by myself. With your blog I don't feel so all alone anymore. God Bless you. Lou Richards
    If you have any other recources you know if you could let me know at I would appreciate it. I am making it day by day like you. God Bles you greatly.