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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Book

I wrote a book a couple years ago. I started writing it about 6 months after my legs decided to go on vacation, leaving me in a wheelchair. It really helped me to keep seeking the Lord during the hardest time in my life. The title is about life after wheelchair, but I think you could probably insert whatever trial, heartache or whatever hard thing you're going through in the "wheelchair" spot. The book isn't only about MS or a wheelchair, it's about hope and life. It's about Jesus and the beautiful things He does in a heart that is surrendered to Him. I like to read it on my anniversary date, which is May 1st. That always makes me laugh because it's on Mayday..."Mayday, Mayday! I can't walk anymore!" It's not a sad day for me, it's actually kind of sweet. I can look back on all the days gone by and remember how my Father has taken very special care of me. My favorite thing is when I was in bed looking at my wheelchair one day and I heard the Lord speak so softly and clearly to me. He said, "This is where I have taught you how much I love you."
The book is available at the bottom of my blog. I hope it blesses you and touches your heart right where you need it.


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